Hearts & Butterfly Books | An Owlish Rescue

Hearts & Butterfly Books | An Owlish Rescue

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A series of books about two brothers that are bushy redtail squirrels that share their adventures in the woodlands with everyone. They rescue other animals in distress, have fun with their cousin Susie and even adventure into a neighborhood causing a ruckus as they try their adventure with humans.

In this book, watch as two brothers play in the trees and during their game run across an Owl with a worried look on his face. While they take time to rescue Mr. Owl, they almost forget about Cousin Susie’s party, yet Momma creates the best party ever.


About the Illustrator

Since his early years of childhood, Brisbane-based Australian artist, Mayukha Gunatilake, has been honing his skills in an array of mediums, including graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylics and watercolour, to create wonderful works of art. As a photo-realistic artist, Mayukha has been long fascinated by everything nature has to offer; especially the animals, it’s vivid colours and exhilarating shapes and patterns.

Inspired by world renowned illustrators of the 1920s and the childhood innocence of their books, Mayukha has been able to bring about a perfect marriage of his artistic skill and love of nature to create warm and friendly illustrations for children of all ages.