Website Changes Are Coming

It has been super frustrating for months and months, AND MONTHS, but now that we are closed because of the COVID-19 stuff, we decided enough was enough! 

Enough trying to get our Point of Sale provider to fix the sync issues with our eCommerce platform, and vice-versa. Enough constant upload, maintenance, adjustments and tweaks.... and errors.

I'm sure you've noticed that our website is missing A LOT of the products we sell... Well how can we sell if we can't get them loaded to the site?! So, we are in the process of switching to a more wholistic all inclusive platform we are hoping will solve the problem. Oh Happy Day!!

So stay tuned, this will happen by the end of April 2020. We are working extra double hard to get the conversion done ASAP!

PS: We will also start offering Surprise Grab Bags. Pre-set priced bags with mystery goodies inside (retail price of the goods inside are greater than the cost of the Grab Bag, of course). We had fun, too much fun, filling the bags.

Mystery Surprise Bag

I remember my mom and her friend buying mystery destination airline tickets. They just told you the weather to pack for, and you just showed up to the airport not knowing where you were going to end up until you got to the gate. How fun is that!! Why not make that idea a fun shopping experience.



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