The Tale of a "Goose" and a "Goat"

Goose & the Goat has always been an idea floating around in the back of Danielle’s mind. Having loved shoes since she was a little kid, even remembering her first pair – little red clogs. From that very first pair Danielle became a collector, and has just wanted to share her passion with others!


Our Passion

Knowing what an impact shoes can have on someone at such a young age is part of why we knew we wanted to include kids styles in our store. When Jeff and Danielle met they were both longing to be self employed and Jeff encouraged Danielle to buy her first business, but both continued to want to do more, they wanted to do something that reflected who they were as a team.

Jeff and Danielle both appreciate how much a great pair of shoes can make your entire outfit, and your outlook! The name came about from Jeff always trying to “get Danielle’s goat”, and Jeff’s tendency to be a bit grumpy with a “goose-like” disposition.



Our Commitment To Quality

Thank you for visiting Goose & the Goat Shoes and Fashion Accessories, our mission is to provide the best experience we can for our customers, and to support local, regional, national, and international business. The driving philosophy behind Goose & the Goat is relationships. The most important aspect of any retail business is building strong relationships with the community and its customers both online and in the local neighborhood, and with our manufacturers.